Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In the begining

The fascination started from childhood, when my mum would make/mix Mehndi for Eid's & wedding's. I'd always want some on in extravagant designs. I loved the smell of fresh Mehndi, and even more the warm smell of my hands for the first few days. Would always try and leave it on as long as possible to try and achieve the darkest colours.

As I grew older I started trying to apply Mehndi myself, on friends, cousins, etc. and with practice I found it became easier to apply. It did die down for a few years with my college and university studies being full on. But soon after I was at it again. I searched the internet for designs which I would try to imitate, but change according to my personal designs.

A very amateur attempt

My personal preferences was to do "strips" as its referred to, on the back or front of the hands, as  it was easier to do, compared to full on bridal hands. But again with practice I began enjoying it as much as the "strips".

Again a couple of amateur attempts in more full on designs

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  1. your "amateur" attempts were still great!
    and i loooove the smell too! =D